About NBFC

70% of Christians believe Christianity is Not the only way, even though Jesus says, “I am the way…” Because of this mindset nearly 2,800 teens will become pregnant today and more than 1.5 million new STD infections will occur this month. In addition to this 80% of unwed teen mothers will end up on welfare. If Jesus isn’t the way then what is? Many people have turned away from the church because of past hurt by churches or people therein.

Is this you? Have you been hurt by the church? Do you desire to know God and are seeking a savior to rescue you from the hell you are going through every day of your life? Is every part of your life slowly crumbling before your eyes? If so New Birth Fellowship Church is a place for you. We are not a perfect church. Instead we are a church of Real people with Real problems, who have found a cure for our fractured hearts, vanishing finances, and broken marriages.

It’s not too late for you to experience meaningful relationships with people who will fight for you and love past your pain. At New Birth Fellowship Church it is our desire to Reach individuals who have yet to be reached, Restore broken souls back to Christ and to Equip believers to go out into the world modeling the mission of Jesus Christ.

If your life is filled with hurt, pain, broken relationships and a wounded financial situation, we can point you to the answers. Doing things the same way will harvest you the same results. Real talk. It’s time to walk in your new season. It’s time for you to be real about your life.

Come join us for one of our weekly services. Your life will never be the same.


Deacon Ministry of New Birth

Eugene Nelson, Board Chairman, Deacon

Mack Pierce, Board Vice Chairman, Deacon

Randy Butler, Treasurer, Deacon

Charles Simmons, Usher Chairman, Deacon

Ron Looney, Deacon

Louis Kelly, Deacon

Jimmy Johnson, Deacon